The products are presented by trademarks of «Pastoral» and «Pasta Solare».

  • Brand

    «Pastoral» is a combination of classics, which manifests itself in permanent traditional quality of macaroni goods, simplicity, elegant shapes, soft colors in creating of package design. All this is permeated by a sense of comfort and harmony, so typical to the style of «Pastoral».

    The macaroni goods of Group B of the brand «Pastoral» are a natural product of guaranteed high quality, made of white wheat flour. For the production of flour are used selected varieties of wheat.

    The brand «Pastoral» includes several products lines. In addition to the classic macaroni goods we present the macaroni goods of series «mosaic», «with turmeric», «with addition of peeled rye flour». Not gone unnoticed the youngest and favorite customers. To cook food for children we offer the macaroni goods «zvezdnaya skazka», «veselye zveryata», «alphabet» that combine a variety of figures which attract children’s interest and desire to fantasize.