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  • Noodle pudding with cottage cheeseNoodle pudding with cottage cheese

    Noodle pudding with cottage cheese

    Method of cooking:

    Into boiling salted water taken in norm, put the noodles, mix, allow boiling, and reducing the heat, cook until done. All the water in this case must be absorbed into the noodles, and got a viscous mass. Cooked noodles cooled to 70 ° C.

  • Macaroni on Tziganski Macaroni  on Tziganski

    Macaroni on Tziganski

    Method of cooking

    Scald the tomatoes, peel of skin and seeds and finely chop. Finely chop the black olives. For the sauce fry the garlic in butter with finely chopped peppers, add the tomatoes, olives, oregano, salt and simmer until thickened. Boil macaroni in large quantities (1:6) of the salted water and throw away in a colander.

  • Spaghetti with tomato under cheese sauceSpaghetti with tomato under cheese sauce

    Spaghetti with tomato under cheese sauce

    Method of cooking:

    Fry over the flour in butter. Stirring, pour the milk, boil. Melt cheese in it, season with salt and pepper. Scald 2 tomatoes with boiling water and peel of skin and seeds, cut into small cubes and add to cheese sauce.


  • Spaghetti on MilaneseSpaghetti on Milanese

    Spaghetti on Milanese

    Method of cooking:

    Put the spaghetti into boiling salted water. Give a little boil. From time to time stir with a wooden spoon. Cook about 12-15 minutes. Throw away in a colander. Spread again into a clean saucepan, fill with oil, pour the tomato sauce.

  • Rozhki with courgettesRozhki with courgettes

    Rozhki with courgettes

    Method of cooking:

    Clean and slice the courgettes thin slices. Chop onions, fry in vegetable oil and butter until golden brown, add the courgettes, and do brown until done. Season with salt.


  • Macaroni with hamMacaroni with ham

    Macaroni with ham

    Method of cooking:

    Break down the macaroni into short pieces, boil in salted water, throw in a colander and cool. Mix tomato paste with mayonnaise, pour the macaroni the obtained sauce. Put the macaroni on a platter heaped, sprinkle with chopped ham on the top and decorate with olives.


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